We believe in the 4 R’s… Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Restore.

Therefore we first try to minimize our footprint as much as possible. If we do need to buy something, we don’t. If we do need something, we aim to try and reuse what we have when we can, or buy second hand when we can’t (so long as it does not affect quality of service in anyway). We also make an effort to source products and services from like minded businesses.

We of course recycle whatever minimal waste there is, which is almost nothing. And finally, we look to not only restore what unavoidable footprint there is, but to do our part in helping reverse some of the destruction already done.

These efforts can be broken down into the following:

5x Carbon Negative

What is 5x Carbon Negative, and why bother?

With servers and offices in New Zealand, most of our energy is produced from renewable sources already (approximately 80%). However, we believe we can’t afford to increase CO2 levels any further.

Many companies are going zero carbon, which is great, but we felt we needed to do more. You see, it has been estimated that the hosting only takes around 20% of the total energy needs for a website. The other 80% is used by the ISP transmitting the data and the end users device used to view the site.

As a company we are not technically responsible for those factors beyond our control, but we felt we wanted sites hosted with us to be truly carbon neutral, from beginning to end. In this way we can help do our part to make your business, and New Zealand as a whole, carbon neutral. 

1 Tree Planted Per Account, Every Month​

In addition to the carbon offsetting, we arrange for a tree to be planted each month for every active account. 

This not only helps in restoring the damage already done, but also provide fruit trees as food and income to developing regions of the world. This means that when you host your site with us, you can feel good, knowing you are helping less fortunate families eat, as well as contributing to the survival of our planet.

Operating A Low Impact Office

One of the simplest ways to reduce our environmental impact is to avoid buying what is not needed, and reducing waste. This is why we run a paperless office, powered by 100% renewable energy, and produce virtually zero waste. (The only waste is usually from equipment packaging, which is of course all recycled.) In addition to this, we try to use recycled materials, and second hand furniture (which also reduce our expenses, meaning we can help keep costs low).

As we are based in Nelson, we can walk or cycle to work, and to client meetings, further keeping costs and impact low.

Supporting Social Causes

It is our philosophy that businesses are their to provide a product or service, and support the communities they serve. That is why we work with non-profit partners by providing them with discounted services, and by giving a percentage of profits to support their various social causes. 

If you operate a non-profit organization, and would like to work together, please get in touch.