Hosting FAQs

The servers are located in Christchurch and Auckland. This allows for much better speeds within New Zealand and Australia compared to US, Europe or most Asian based servers.

Our customers are mostly small business owners and individuals looking to host their WordPress, Joomla or other similar website. If you are unsure if we are suitable, drop us a line and ask. 

Yes. It has been estimated that almost 30% of the world’s websites operate on WordPress (and for good reason). If you already have a WordPress website we are happy to offer you a free transfer to our hosting. If you don’t yet have a site, all plans come with an easy WordPress installer. We also offer some ‘done for you’ packages.

We are confident that our hosting will more than meet your needs. However, if you do not agree, no problem. Just let us know within 28 days for a full refund. 

Yes. Unlike many cheap hosts, EthicallyHosted comes with the original CPanel for easy server management. Cpanel is widely regarded as the best server operating system in the business, and is far more stable, secure and functional than other panels. With Cpanel you can easily mange files, install WordPress and setup email accounts, while advanced users can do much more.

Yes. SSL is now considered essential for all websites as it is now a part of Googles ranking algorithm (meaning if you want to get found in the search engines, you better have SSL). For this reason we automatically issue free SSL certificates for every website hosted with us. (This will give you the ability to use HTTPS:// at the start of your domain, and to see the green padlock in the browser bar.)

We use quad core servers with SSD drives, which are more than capable of delivering high speed performance perfectly suited to small and medium businesses, community groups and charities.

Ethical & Eco FAQs

We could do the minimum, and simply offset the carbon we use to become a Zero Carbon business. Instead we prefer to offset 5 times the amount we use. This is for two reasons. Firstly the amount of CO2 produced from the server is only a small part of the total CO2 needed to view a website. There is also the CO2 produced to power the ISPs, and the visitors device. While we don’t need to offset this, we prefer to. The second reason is we believe there is already too much CO2, and we need to do what we cant to slow and even reverse current levels.

Yes. We work with EKOS, a non profit organization based here in New Zealand to manage carbon credits for us. EKOS are one of New Zealand’s largest organizations for carbon offsetting, and worth with a range of accredited carbon credit supply projects around New Zealand and the Pacific.

Technically we don’t need to, and technically this put’s us well over 5x carbon negative, but we feel it is the right thing to do. Tree planting programs need all the support they get as the world is still cutting the down faster than we can replace them. Trees provide more than just a way of regulating CO2 levels. They also produce much needed oxygen, help filter air pollution, help support bio diversity, shade rivers (which help in numerous ways), and can provide food and income to developing communities. And they look great – so what more reason do you need?

We work with One Tree Planted, an organization that works with communities around the world to ensure trees are not only planted, but looked after. Many of the communities benefit from the food and income these trees can provide, while others are working to restore lost habitats. 

Yes. Firstly, the further your data needs to travel, the more energy it takes. Even though we more than offset this energy, it is far better if it never used in the first place. Secondly, New Zealand runs on approximately 80% renewable energy, unlike many other countries that are involved in hosting and global data transfer. This means not only is it far more energy efficient to host locally, it is also a better source of energy being used.

To provide great quality, eco hosting for New Zealand and Australian businesses, and to use the profits of this service to help leave the world a better place for future generations. 

Yes. Please contact us with details of your organization for more information.

Yes. We offer to share a percentage of referral revenue with socially and environmentally minded organizations. Please contact us for more information.